Watchdog says chokehold report will be “troubling”

Eric Garner - strangleholdsource: Village Voice
published: 11 September 2014

The new chair of the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the agency charged with reviewing citizen allegations of misconduct against the NYPD, said last night that a forthcoming study would reveal “troubling” findings about the alleged use of chokeholds by police officers in the city.

Speaking at the board’s monthly meeting, Richard Emery, who took the reins of the organization three months ago, didn’t give many details – or a deadline for the report’s release – but suggested it would be before the public within “a couple” of weeks. The report had been scheduled for release in late August or early September.

The anxiously awaited review, Emery said, is expected to delve into the circumstances surrounding chokehold allegations, to shed light on what kinds of police activities — like stop and frisks or the service of arrest warrants — most often lead to the accusations.

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