Police appeal for email sender over Kester David’s death

Kester Davidsource: BBC News
published: 24 September 2014

The author of an email with information about the death of a man whose body was found badly burnt in north London is being urged to come forward by police.

Kester David’s body was discovered under a railway archway behind a building in Broomfield Lane, Palmers Green, on 7 July, 2010. Two weeks after his death, police received an email from someone claiming to have known who was responsible.

Mr David, 53, was a bus driver and part time DJ from Wood Green.

Two days before his death, a relative called Mr David on his BlackBerry Curve 8520 mobile phone and a stranger answered the phone. Police also want to trace this individual.

The phone has never been found but it was used on 14 and 15 July in the general area of Wood Green shopping centre and on 22 July around the area of the Whittington Hospital. Police said it would have been locked so no calls could be made.

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