Silencing the Bereaved – On the CPS Sean Rigg decision

UFFC Bereaved Families Speak Outsource: The Multicultural Politic
published: 8 October 2014

The cold edifice of glass and concrete, that is the offices of the Crown Prosecution Service, was met in the warm August sun with several indomitable figures from the United Families and Friends Campaign. Among them was Marcia Rigg, demanding that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) prosecute the police officers that were involved in the death of her brother, Sean Rigg in Brixton Police Station in 2008.

Over the past six years, Marcia and her family have endured many tribulations which could have only compounded the grief of their loss. There was the insult of an incompetent investigation by the IPCC, followed by the travesty of waiting four years for a public inquest only for the Coroner to direct the jury to discount the “unlawful killing” and “death by neglect” verdicts from consideration.

Despite state orchestrated setbacks and institutional disadvantage, in 2013, the family and their legal team uncover a series of errors made by the IPCC investigation into Sean’s death.

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