Taser officer will not face charges over fireball death

Andrew Pimlottsource: Plymouth Herald
published: 16 October 2014

The police officer who fired his Taser on a man who died after he was engulfed in flames, will not face criminal charges.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has revealed there is “insufficient evidence” to prosecute the officer for “gross negligence manslaughter or misconduct in public office. However, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which referred the case to the CPS, said they had “found a case to answer for gross misconduct.”

Andrew Pimlott died on April 23 last year, five days after an incident in a Honicknowle rear garden. Two officers were called to the rear garden of an address in Coombe Park Lane shortly before 9pm on April 18 following a 999 call from the homeowner.

In a statement about their decision, the CPS said Mr Pimlott had breached a restraining order in attending the address and had a jerry can of petrol.

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