Why do Republicans insist on keeping cleared men at Guantánamo?

Guantanamosource: Guardian | Comment is free
published: 15 January 2015

Pity the Guantánamo Bay detainee: he is the easiest target for the politicians who wish to be seen “doing something” about terrorism, but who are entirely indifferent to these men’s lives or whether continuing our failed policies there will make anyone safer.

The latest example: four Senators, who on Tuesday introduced another bill seeking to cut off any funding which could allow detainees – including men long cleared for release by federal agents – to leave this legal black hole. One of the four is John McCain, who campaigned for president in 2008 saying that the detention center at Guantánamo needed to be closed.

Their ill-judged push comes just as the Obama administration seems finally to have the diplomatic wind at its back on Gitmo transfers. On Wednesday night, the Department of Defense (DOD) announced the transfer of five men cleared to leave for years to Oman and Estonia; that follows the December transfer of my client, Abu Wa’el Dhiab, and the five others to Uruguay.

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