Michael Gove urged to suspend use of ‘joint enterprise’ laws amid race claims

Jurysource: The Independent
published: 11 July 2015

A group representing the families of more than 600 prisoners jailed under joint enterprise laws – which means a jury can convict by association – will call on the new Lord Chancellor, Michael Gove, to halt the controversial prosecutions.

In a letter to be sent on 13 July, campaign group JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association) urges Mr Gove to “place an immediate moratorium on the Crown’s use of joint enterprise, until reform or preferably abolition occurs”.

Under joint enterprise laws a person on the fringes of a group in which somebody commits murder could receive the same mandatory life sentence as the perpetrator.

JENGbA, a grass-roots campaign, believes the doctrine is inherently flawed and leads to overly harsh sentencing.

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