Officer cleared of Sean Rigg perjury now faces charges

Sean Rigg
Sean Rigg

source: The Voice Online
published: 8 July 2015

A police officer who escaped charges of perjury during an investigation into the death of Sean Rigg has now been summoned back to court. Sean Rigg was 40 years old when he died in Brixton police station, south London, in August 2008.

Officers failed to identify Rigg, a musician who suffered from schizophrenia as a vulnerable person and restrained him for eight minutes.

An inquest into his death in 2012 found that the arresting officers had used “unsuitable force” when they restrained him, which ultimately led to his death. Sgt Paul White claimed in a sworn statement that he had attended to Rigg in the police van before he was bought to the area outside the custody suite.

The evidence at the centre of the investigation is CCTV footage that showed the statements to be incorrect suggesting that Rigg was not checked by the custody sergeant as he remained detained in a police van.

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