IPCC proposes fundamental organisational change

IPCC - Independent Police Complaints Commissionsource: The IPCC
published: 12 August 2015

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has proposed changes to its structure that will effectively support the work of an expanding organisation.

Under the IPCC’s proposal the organisation would be headed by a Police Ombudsman for England and Wales, a Crown appointee, with overall responsibility for its work and decision-making.  Regional ombudsmen would have delegated responsibilities in the English regions and Wales.

The proposals are published as part of the IPCC’s response to its recent triennial review. The review, published in March 2015, endorsed the need for the organisation’s role and supported its current change programme; recognising that changes to its governance are necessary to support a much larger organisation.

The IPCC has grown significantly over the last two years, in order to be able to investigate all serious and sensitive cases. It is expected to begin more than five times the 109 investigations it started in 2012/13, and its staffing has more than doubled over the same period. A new office has opened in Birmingham, the existing Wakefield office has expanded and an office in Croydon will open over the summer.

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