“The Less Justified, The More Lethal”

Azelle Rodney Police Stop
Azelle Rodney Police Stop

source: This Is To Scale
published: 16 September 2015

On the last night of April 2005, the Saturday of a Bank Holiday weekend, the weather was mild. Coming up to quarter to eight it was still light.

Nearby the roundabout at the end of Hale Lane, in Edgware, North London, not put off by the fumes of the traffic, a few drinkers sat and stood outside the Railway Tavern.

In a hurry all of a sudden, coming to the roundabout, a car over took a Golf to get in front. The Golf slowed down and was pinned in by another car coming along side, then rammed in the rear by a different vehicle.

Armed men rushed out of the cars surrounding the Golf but the rapid gunfire wasn’t coming from their weapons. Glass of the Golf’s left rear passenger window blasted out. Drinkers ducked under wooden tables for cover. A round just missed hitting a passer-by.

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