Europe must act now on refugee deaths crisis

Refugee & Iron Wire Fencesource: IRR News
published: 5 November 2015

As borders become militarised zones, and internal policing of refugees and migrants intensifies, the IRR continues to monitor asylum and migration- related deaths.

Across Europe the humanitarian crisis continues as refugees continue to flee war-torn countries such as Syria. Front-line volunteers, who have witnessed the suffering first-hand over the summer and autumn, have now sent an open letter to the governments of Europe, giving ‘advance notice to all of you, the leaders of Europe, that people will be freezing to death soon on our borders if you do not act now’.

European film-makers and film professionals have joined the call, stressing that, ‘The guilt doesn’t just lie with the traffickers: Europe cannot deny its share of responsibility’.

Acknowledgement and accountability for the hundreds of deaths that take place not just at Europe’s borders but as a result of our cruel and inhumane asylum systems was the raison d’être for the report the IRR published in March 2015 on 160 asylum- and immigration-related deaths.

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