Philmore Mills inquest: Restraint was ‘more than a trivial contribution’ to his death

Philmore Mills
Philmore Mills

all credits: Slough Express
published: 25 February 2016

The restraining of Philmore Mills was ‘more than a trivial contribution’ to his death, an inquest has heard.

Pathologist Dr Nicolas Hunt told the jury at Reading Town Hall this morning (Thursday) that he believed the cause of Mr Mills’ death was ‘multi-factorial’.

His official conclusion was that Mr Mills died from ‘sudden restraining’ which was complicated further by the fact Mr Mills had been admitted to hospital with breathing problems and was recovering from pneumonia.

Dr Hunt explained how a post mortem revealed Mr Mills had ‘bruising to the side of his chest and back which may have been caused from restraining’ but Mr Mills suffered ‘no internal injuries’. He added: “In my own opinion, the restraining of Mr Mills had more than a trivial contribution to his death.”

Mr Mills died in the early hours of December 27, 2011, when the 57-year-old father of Tamar Way in Langley was wrapped in a blanket and handcuffed after staff said he had become ‘aggressive’.

Police placed him on the floor on his front but Mr Mills became unresponsive. He was moved to a hospital bed and doctors could not revive him after he became unconscious.

The inquest continues.

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