Duncan Tomlin: Five police officers investigated over death of epileptic man

Duncan Tomlin
Duncan Tomlin

source: The Independent
published: 14 April 2016

Five police officers could be prosecuted over the death of an epileptic man who was restrained while reportedly suffering a seizure.

Duncan Tomlin died in 2014 after spending two days in a coma following an incident with officers. His relatives claim he was pepper-sprayed and bundled into a van, causing him to go into a cardiac arrest that officers did not identify until he was unconscious.

Mr Tomlin, 32, had spent the evening with his girlfriend and friends in Haywards Heath on 26 July 2014 when police officers arrived.

His family said neighbours had called the police after mistaking the shouting that was routine for Mr Tomlin’s behaviour during a complex partial seizure as a domestic incident.

“He wandered out into the garden as the police arrived and they assumed he was violent,” his aunt, who did not wish to be identified, said at the time.

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