Deepcut soldier Cheryl James ‘could not have shot herself dead’

Cheryl James
Cheryl James

source: Mail Online
published: 21 April 2016

It would have been ‘impossible’ for army recruit Pte Cheryl James to have killed herself at the controversial Deepcut barracks, an inquest has heard.

A fresh inquiry into her death heard for the first time yesterday of new evidence which suggests the teenager – who was shot between her right eye and the bridge of her nose – may have been murdered.

The 18-year-old was found dead with a single shot to the head at the Surrey base whilst on armed sentry duty with an SA80 rifle in November 1995.

Her death – and those of three other recruits who died in shootings at Deepcut over seven years – was dismissed as suicide amid allegations of bullying, abuse and a cover-up.

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