Top black Met Officer criticises police failings on race matters

Police Riding Helmetsource: Voice Online
published: 14 June 2016

Scotland Yard’s diversity chief has admitted that black men are more likely to receive worse treatment than white counterparts and that the Met continues to blight the careers of its own ethnic minority staff by racially discriminating against them.

Victor Olisa warned that the Met’s longstanding failings on race were damaging its legitimacy, and its ability to police by consent.

“My view is that on occasions we work on stereotypes and that stereotypes of black men being more aggressive, more confrontational, is a stereotype that plays on some officers’ minds and that can lead to a different level of policing style and force being used on a black suspect than it probably would do otherwise,” Olisa told The Guardian.

The recently-appointed strategic lead for diversity said he believed that most officers in the Met had sincere intentions but warned that higher up in the establishment there remained sinister attitudes towards race.

Olisa added that prejudice in the police had left him on the verge of retiring after being told he was not good enough to be considered for promotion.

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