Birmingham pub bombings: Families lawyers granted legal aid

Legal Gavel

source: BBC News
published: 4 May 2017

Lawyers acting for eight families of victims of the Birmingham pub bombings say they have been offered legal aid funding.

The government had previously intervened to remove legal barriers that had barred the Northern Ireland-based firm from applying for funding.

The Legal Aid Agency confirmed the decision on Wednesday.

Inquests into the deaths of the 21 people killed by the IRA in November 1974 are due to resume later this year.

The government previously confirmed one legal aid funding application had been granted for Liverpool-based firm Broudie Jackson Canter, who represent some of the other victims’ families.

A spokesman for KRW Law, which is representing the eight families, said: “[We] have been offered a contract to continue to represent our client and that this is in the best interests of the effective administration of justice.

“Financial eligibility limits for legal aid have been waived in this exceptional application.”

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