We must start talking about mental health (and wellbeing)

Mental Health Stressedsource: The Voice Online
published: 28 November 2017

Whether it’s the stigma that surrounds people affected by depression or often inadequate NHS treatment, mental health is a key challenge facing black Britons. Next week a major conference is aiming to tackle the vital issues.

Everyone is still digesting the recent announcement during Black History Month of Theresa May launching the Race Disparity Audit across all government departments, which again highlights the nature and impact of structural racism on the black community from housing education, criminal justice, workforce, and culture.

However, the biggest indictment of racism is the failure of the response of the community around mental health. Statistics remind us that sadly this is still one of the biggest travesties of human rights and system failures in health and social policy since the closure of asylums in the 1980s.

What is clear, reflecting on issues around policy development and commissioning of mental health services, is that there is collective system failure plus a lack of leadership at all levels.

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