RCMP conduct related to 2007 Tasering death issues final report

Robert Dziekanski
Robert Dziekanski

source: The Star Vancouver
published: 12 September 2018

The special prosecutor appointed to review the conduct of four RCMP officers involved in the 2007 Tasering death of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver International Airport has officially concluded his work.

In a statement, special prosecutor Richard Peck explains why the officers were ultimately charged with perjury, rather than charges directly related to Dziekanski’s death, such as manslaughter, assault or assault with a weapon.

Both “death-related offences,” writes Peck, and offences related to the conduct of the four officers during the subsequent investigation of the incident — whether the officers committed obstruction of justice or breach of trust in providing notes and statements to RCMP investigators — were unlikely to result in conviction. Likelihood of conviction is one part of a standard set by the B.C. Prosecution Service (BCPS) to determine whether a prosecution should proceed.

In October 2017, Robert Dziekanski died after being struck multiple times by an RCMP Taser in the Vancouver airport. Dziekanski, who had travelled to Vancouver to visit his mother, had become visibly agitated after spending nearly nine confusing hours in the airport, prompting several parties to call Richmond RCMP.

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