Category A: Britain’s maximum security prisons

Prison Detention Barbed Wiresource: PrisonPhone
published: date unknown

Category A Prisons- high security prisons where the most dangerous, and difficult to manage, prisoners are kept. I was at a conference once, on child attachment, the speaker was talking about some of these prisons and prisoners kept there.

She talked of how damaged they were by what had happened to them in their childhood: abuse that changed a child’s brain,  causing irrevocable damage.

The speaker was a senior clinical psychologist and she told of conversations with prison wardens who have to look after these prisoners. The wardens pleaded with her that, “You have to get to these children before they are damaged, before they get to us and can not be rehabilitated”.

Some of the behaviour is extreme and very difficult to manage. The officers who manage it daily do a very difficult job, and according to a recent report the officers who manage the most dangerous individuals do their job very well.

These prisoners, who are considered dangerous to the public, the police, national security and to the rest of the prison population, are held in Category A prisons. ‘A’ is the highest class of four, A, B, C, and D. Category A prisoners are further divided into Standard Risk, High Risk, and Exceptional Risk, based on their likelihood of escaping.

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