Family’s fight for justice after 2004 officer-involved shooting will take a new turn

Michael Bell Jr
Michael Bell Jr

source: WTMJ News
published: 4 November 2019

The family of a man killed by Kenosha Police in 2004 is not giving up on their fight for justice.

Michael Bell Jr. was killed after he was pulled over by police in November, 2004. He was shot during a struggle with police when an officer believed Bell had reached for his weapon.

The officers involved were quickly cleared in the shooting after an internal investigation.

After a private investigation spanning 15 years, at a cost exceeding $1.5 million dollars, the Bell family is expected to reveal new findings Tuesday afternoon.

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At, the facts, video and forensics regarding Michael’s death can be found. The Facebook page is not against law enforcement, but points out that a system without checks and balance, is a system ripe for abuse.

Since Michael’s death, the city of Kenosha settled a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit. His family has been using those funds to change the process in which officer involved deaths are investigated and reviewed.

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