The Supreme Court announces it will not take up Rodney Reed’s appeal

Rodney Reed
Rodney Reed

all credits: The Union Journal
published: 25 February 2020

Rodney Reed was punished to fatality greater than 20 years ago for the attack, rape and also strangling of 19- year-old StaceyStites But his lawyers with the Innocence Project claim they have proof that might vindicate him.

Reed’s death penalty is presently on hold as a result of different state process.

Writing individually, Justice Sonia Sotomayor kept in mind that Reed has “presented a substantial body of evidence” that she claimed “if true” calls into question the “veracity of scientific validity of the evidence.” Lower courts are still thinking about different cases, Sotomayor claimed, including that the court’s activity on Monday ought to not “close the door” on future evaluation of the situation.

“I remain hopeful that available state processes will take care to ensure full and fair consideration of Reed’s innocence,” she composed

“Because the litigation is still proceeding in lower courts, Justice Sotomayor agreed that the Supreme Court shouldn’t step in at this point,” claimed Steve Vladeck, CNN Supreme Court expert and also teacher at the University of Texas School ofLaw “But her opinion is an effort to send a message to those courts about just how serious she thinks Reed’s claims are — and just how carefully she thinks the lower courts should consider them.”

The situation has actually unified legislators, spiritual leaders, and also stars such as Kim Kardashian West and also Rihanna in Reed’s protection.

CNN’s Devan Cole added to this record.

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