New Channel 4 documentary on the murder of Daniel Morgan

Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan

source: Socialist Worker
published: 12 June 2020

Murder In The Carpark, a new three-part series from Channel 4, explores the most investigated unsolved murder in the history of the Metropolitan Police. On 10 March 1987 private investigator Daniel Morgan was brutally murdered with an axe in the car park of a south London pub. There were no witnesses.

Four years in the making, the series tells the story of this unsolved murder. Over the decades it’s raised accusations of police corruption, links with the tabloid press, covert operations and the phone hacking scandal.

It asks how, with millions of pounds in public money spent, has no one ever been brought to justice for this heinous crime. Based on thousands of pages of documents, court testimony and often contradictory interviews, the series asks why the murder in the car park has never been solved.

For the first time ever Morgan’s business partner, Jonathan Rees, ex-Metropolitan police detective Sid Fillery and Rees’ former brother-in-law Glenn Vian will collectively give their accounts.

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