Alton Sterling’s family pushes for $2.5M wrongful death settlement

Alton Sterling
Alton Sterling

source: Legal Reader
published: 24 November 2020

Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old Black man, was killed by Baton Rouge Police in front of the Triple S Food Mart in 2016. Earlier this year, the East Baton Rouge Metro Council rejected a $5 million settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by Sterling’s family. Now, attorneys are hoping to settle for half of what was originally proposed – $2.5 million.

Sterling was fatally shot by a White Baton Rouge police officer outside the convenience store on July 5, 2016. The incident started after a 911 caller reported a man wearing a red T-shirt who was selling CD’s outside the store and was armed.

Two responding officers approached Sterling in the parking lot and tried to “subdue” him, according to the Department of Justice’s report. Officer Blane Salamoni then fired at Sterling in response to allegedly seeing him reach for his weapon. Two phone videos were recorded by passersby and, according to court documents, they contain graphic footage of the events. The videos were released publicly and went viral online, leading to widespread protests.

In 2017, the family filed a lawsuit claiming the incident was racially motivated and demonstrated the use excessive force among Baton Rouge police officers. Court paperwork alleged Salamoni violated Sterling’s constitutional rights.

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