Have your say on the future of surveillance in the UK

CCTV Camerasource: Huffington Post
published: 4 December 2015

A month ago the government published their proposals for the future of surveillance powers in the UK.

Legislation is never an enticing read, at almost 300 pages long and full of technical and legal language the draft Investigatory Powers Bill is no exception. Because of this many of us will ignore its contents, but what it proposes will impact us all and for once we have all been given the chance to have our say.

The opportunity to express your views on government proposals isn’t always that obvious, but the Home Secretary very publicly and repeatedly promised that a Joint Committee of MPs and Peers would be convened to “scrutinise” the draft Bill and report to Parliament on their findings.

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Black Mental Health UK launches Top 30 list for 2012

Black Mental Health UKoriginally by: BMHUK
published: 28 Dec 2012

Human rights campaigns group Black Mental Health UK (BMH UK) has launched its Top 30 List of the leading lights working in this sector for 2012.

A must read for anyone working in this sector, as well as for those with an interest in civil liberties and social justice, this year’s listing showcases the top individuals and agencies that have done outstanding work in the arena of ethnicity and mental health in the past 12 months.

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IAP publishes Statistical Analysis Report

RING BINDERSoriginally by: The IAP 
published: February 2012

The IAP have published their statistical analysis of all recorded deaths in state custody between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2011. This is the second year the IAP has collated all recorded deaths in state custody which have been broken down by ethnicity, gender, age, cause of death, custodial settings and presented together in one single format.

‘Statement from the IAP: The IAP will play an important role in helping to shape government policy on deaths in custody through the provision of independent advice and expertise to the  Ministerial Board on Deaths in Custody.  The remit of the Council covers deaths, which occur in prisons, in or following police custody, immigration detention, the deaths of residents of approved premises and the deaths of those detained under the Mental Health Act (MHA) in hospital.

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