As Trump ramps up executions, Biden must rally US to end death penalty

Donald Trump Toonsource: USA Today
published: December 2020

This spasm of state murder is unprecedented. Lives should not be subject to the whims of prosecutors, judges and rogue outgoing presidents like Trump.

The American people have spoken and elected Joe Biden to be our next president. In a civilized country, the process of smoothly handing over power from one side to the other would consist, at the bare minimum, of precluding irrevocable decisions by the outgoing administration. Attorney General William Barr’s reaction: Kill as many people as he can as quickly as possible.

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Failure to prosecute UK war crimes in Iraq exposes ICC’s own failings

Military Soldiersource: Middle East Eye
published: 17 December 2020

“Court finds UK war crimes but will not take action”. That was the extraordinary BBC News headline last week following the International Criminal Court’s publication of its detailed investigation into war crimes committed by British troops during the occupation of Iraq.

The ICC’s report is based on the findings of a preliminary inquiry to determine both whether there is a reasonable basis to believe that war crimes were committed and to assess whether the UK has itself investigated and sought to prosecute those accused of involvement.

The ICC concluded that because the UK was “not unwilling” to investigate and prosecute its soldiers for committing war crimes in Iraq, the investigation was being closed.

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French government drops controversial security law after activists protests

Police Fingerprint Softwaresource: DAILY SABAH
published: 30 November 2020

The French government has dropped a controversial bill that would have curbed the right to film police officers in action, the speaker of French President Emmanuel Macron’s ruling party said on Monday.

“The bill will be completely rewritten and a new version will be submitted,” Christophe Castaner, head of the LaRem party in the French parliament, told a news conference.

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