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4WardEverUK is a community collective providing news and information sharing services for our readers and members.

Our purpose is to provide a one-stop-resource for profiles, news, and event details, useful information, appeals, and more in relation to deaths and abuse whilst in custody; including the death penalty, other injustices and human rights abuses in the UK and internationally.

We particularly focus on and support the call for police, penal and mental health reforms, for an end to custody deaths / abuse, wrongful convictions and the brutality of torture, genocide and capital punishment.

“Keep Informed – Keep up the Struggle”

Our activities and on-line services are managed by a small dedicated team of volunteers:
Established in 2006.  Get our logos here >

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Since its development in 2004 4WardEver Campaign UK has maintained its primary function and ethos, to provide news and information relating to deaths in custody, and exposing the injustices of capital punishment, torture and state terror.

This section contains information and track samples of various artists writing progressive music and supporting human rights and social justice. Includes Benjamin Zephaniah, The Tribunes, Yaz Alexander, The Welfare Poets, INJUSTICE CD & Capital ‘X’ Punishment.

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