Stan Douglas: Why I restaged the London riots

Fire Burning Buildingsource: The Guardian
published: 25 October 2017

“So how much of your work is really documenting the ineptitude of the police?” Stan Douglas is laughing at my question without completely avoiding it. “Well, the work can’t conceal the points at which they are out of their depth,” he says.

We’re sitting in the Victoria Miro gallery in Mayfair, London, talking over the sounds of drilling as the artist’s latest large-scale works are secured to the wall next door.

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‘Who Polices The Police?’

Police - see-no-eviloriginally by: IRR News 
published: 21 August 2013

Ken Fero, director of Who Polices The Police?, discusses the making of the film that examines the complicity of state institutions in deaths in custody and the struggle of one family for justice.

Nearly a year ago, an inquest jury at Southwark Coroner’s Court gave a damning verdict about the death of Sean Rigg in Brixton Police Station back on 21 August 2008. The jury of ordinary citizens were highly critical stating that the police failures to respond to initial 999 calls were ’unacceptable and inappropriate‘ and that the ’level of force used on Sean Rigg whilst he was restrained was unsuitable‘.

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Bill Maloney asks Pope’s Priest ‘Can you tell me Father?’

See Part 2 here >

Caution: some strong language!

On the 17th September 2010, the Pope visited Lambeth Palace, London, while on his state visit to the UK.

Campaigning filmmakers Bill Maloney and Lilly Starr (makers of documentary ‘4Ward Forever The Heroes’) have interviews, and in some cases, altercations on their route from Parliament Street to Lambeth Palace. View the report below:

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