De Menezes memorial unveiled

originally published:
7th January 2010

Notice to our readers:

The original piece posted here has been removed at the request of Jason Cobb (You can see our exchange with him below), we will not be linking to the site in question in the future!


You can read an alternative article  via Random Blowe
Menezes Memorial Unveiled At Stockwell
7th January 2010

From Jason Cobb – 9th January 2010:


Cease and desist immediately the publication of the following content:

This is a clear breach of copyright from my blog: http://link deleted…

I am the author of the content, as well as the producer of the video and audio content. Copyrighted images have also been used without prior permission.

By return of email, confirm that this content has been deleted from your server. Failure to do so will result in further action.

Jason Cobb

Our response: – 9th January 2010

Dear Jason,

We are a little alarmed at your aggressive response to this! “Content Theft”…. In producing the piece we ensured that there was a link to the original work which is what we do in all cases.

4WardEver UK is a non profit making community collective which was established by the family of Mikey Powell who died in police custody in 2003. Our blog is set up purely to redirect our members (made up largely of affected families) to useful and supportive information relating to deaths in custody.

Indeed we have worked with and supported the campaign for Jean Charles and scores of other families including Roger Sylvester, Ian Tomlinson, Harry Stanley, Shiji Lapite, Brian Douglas, Christopher Alder and many more.

We are closely aligned to The United Families & Friends Campaign, INQUEST, the Makers of INJUSTICE and many other campaign groups and organisations both in the UK and abroad.

If you would prefer that these families and organisations do not have access to your article and your website in general then we will of course remove the piece in its current form. We do have he right however to link our content to any source that is freely available on the Internet and will continue to do so without apology.

We understood from your piece on De Menezes that you were actually concerned about the issues of custody deaths, and simply sought to give the piece and your site in general exposure to a wider audience.

I look forward to your response!

Tippa Naphtali
Founder 4WardEver UK

Return Response: – 9th January 2010


Cease and desist without further delay.

Jason Cobb

Need we say any more…

3 thoughts on “De Menezes memorial unveiled

  1. This is just so wrong… We read 4WardEver often and appreciate the links to news and stories that we may have otherwise never found.
    My understanding of the ethos is that they seek to ‘share’ news and not to ‘thieve’ it.

    Why is it that people would choose to shoot something down that is simply trying to bring information closer to its readers? They should be applauded not threatened.


  2. This guy is an A1 jerk….
    Although he has posted his little re-buff it matters not. We don’t copy we just circulate and share information that our readers may be interested in.

    We are not here to play games with copyshite, just to get the truth out there and show credit to others trying to do the same, a pity he can’t see that!

  3. This was an historic event for the family of Jean who have battled for justice over many years.

    This however was tinged by an aggressive email from Jason Cobbs who threatened ‘action’ against us for copyright because we included an excerpt (with a link) to his piece on

    Just seems odd and somewhat unjust that some one who just days ago was celebrating the victory of one affected family was today threatening another with legal/other action simply for highlighting the piece….

    Nevertheless, Justice for Jean and all other affected families.


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