US Supreme Court refuses to hear the case of Linda Carty

Linda Carty
Linda Carty

originally published by: Reprieve
3rd May 2010

Reprieve is deeply disappointed by today’s Supreme Court decision not to consider the disastrous case of Linda Carty, a British grandmother facing imminent execution thanks to a flawed trial in Texas.

Linda has always protested her innocence and had hoped for the chance to persuade the highest court that her conviction is dangerously unreliable. Although the Supreme Court accepts only a small minority of cases, Linda’s was widely believed to be crying out for consideration because of critically important issues of fairness and due process.

The British Government had filed a strongly-worded amicus brief to the Court, detailing serious errors by the State of Texas and stating that that had they been allowed to assist Linda, she would likely not be facing execution today.

Linda’s life is now in the hands of the Republican Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. Since he succeeded George Bush as Governor nine years ago, Rick Perry has only granted clemency to one death row inmate; Kenneth Foster in 2007.

The US law firm Baker Botts, representing Linda, are now considering next steps, but attention will shift towards seeking clemency in Texas.

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