Returned asylum seekers killed or jailed

originally published by: ABC News
19th May 2010

Refugee advocates say at least nine asylum seekers returned to Sri Lanka by the Howard government were killed and those sent back in past year have been held in police custody and some assaulted.

Australia has suspended its processing of Sri Lankan asylum seekers pending a review of conditions in Sri Lanka. Immigration Minister Chris Evans says the Federal Government has a “major problem” returning asylum seekers who have been involved with the Tamil Tigers.

Phil Glendenning, the director of the Catholic Church’s Edmund Rice Centre, has recently returned from Sri Lanka and says the country is in danger of becoming a police state.

“We found that of the 11 people removed to Sri Lanka over the course of the last year or so, that all of them had been arrested at the airport,” he said. “Some of them had been bashed, assaulted. One man has permanent hearing damage, another has had sight damaged.”

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