Justice for Jaslyn Smith – ‘If you don’t convict at first, try again’

Jaslyn Smith
Jaslyn Smith

originally published by: MOJUK
date unknown

I’m writing on behalf of my brother Jaslyn Ricardo Smith a Category B prisoner who is currently serving a 2 Strike Automatic Life sentence at HMP Frankland. Though sentenced to a minimum term (the tariff) of 3 1/2 years he is now in his 13th year of the sentence and has always maintained his innocence. We the family also believe the conviction to be unsafe.

My brother was arrested on 8th May 1998 for the alleged rape of his then girlfriend, several hours after the police were called, his then girlfriend reported to them that she had been raped, she was then taken to hospital by the police for an examination. At the hospital her only complaint was of being beaten up no mention of rape, she was then examined by the hospital doctor for injuries, which may have been caused by the assault.

She was then advised by the hospital to go home to rest and take headache tablets. Several hours later she was taken to the police station and examined by the police doctor for rape (why was she examined at the police station for rape and not at the hospital in the first instance).

They examined her for any signs of rape; the evidence showed intercourse had taken place but no evidence of rape. My brother admitted having intercourse with the alleged victim but has always maintained that it was consensual (The police records showed no signs of rape so how could the jury find my brother guilty).

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