How did Michael Jarrett Lowe die?

Police Lantern UKoriginally by: IRR
published : 9th September 2010

IRR News revisits the suspicious death, over thirty-five years ago, of a 17-year-old young black teenager who was found dead in a chimney at a disused shop on Upper Street in September 1974.

The IRR was recently contacted by Bill Goodrham, a friend of Michael’s, who told us he had serious concerns as to how Michael died and that his death had been playing on his mind in recent years. He told us how Michael, whom he knew as ‘Jarrett’, was one of the few black faces around the Kings Cross area when he was growing up and that he was regularly beaten by local police officers.

Bill describes Jarrett as ‘like Eddie Murphy – a big smile with gleaming white teeth’ going on to say ‘Michael was a dear friend not only to me but many others, he was well respected and well liked and I constantly think of him, he did not deserve to die like this. Police at the time were extremely racist and violent towards Michael.’

Bill told IRR News about a particular incident: ‘I remember it as if was yesterday, it was in Kings Cross, there were three of us walking down the street, me, another white boy and Michael, and a police officer on the beat was coming towards us. He beckoned over Jarrett and took him round the corner where no one could see (at the back of the Southern Street and Calshott Street junction) and then we heard a commotion.

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One thought on “How did Michael Jarrett Lowe die?

  1. This is an awful case and quite distressing to read. It throws up numerous questions in the minds of a reader and reminds me personally so much of the case of Colin Roach and the mysterious (some might say, obvious) circumstances of his tragic and violent death.

    We are grateful to IRR for bringing this case back to the arena of public scrutiny and are hopeful that it reignites interest, but more importantly a robust investigation by the relevant authorities.

    No one should meet their death in this way, stuck upside-down in a chimney in a derelict property. This is truly appalling and one of the most distressing cases we have come across in a long time.

    No Justice – No Peace

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