LAPD shooting stirs residents’ anger

originally published by: Socialist
published: 15th September 2010

The Los Angeles Police Department struck again the day before Labor Day. A 37-year-old Guatemalan day laborer (who witnesses say was unarmed) was shot in the head and killed by an officer from the notorious Rampart Division, site of one of the worst police scandals in U.S. history.

But this time, the shooting resulted in an eruption of protest, with residents angrily confronting police for several nights and an ongoing vigil to demand justice in yet another case of deadly police violence. The killing took place in the Westlake area of LA, which is sandwiched between the increasingly gentrified downtown and the predominantly immigrant MacArthur Park neighborhood.

Manuel Jamines was shot and killed by LAPD officer Frank Hernandez after supposedly lunging at Hernandez with a switchblade.

According to official police story, Jamines had been threatening two women. One of the women flagged down three bicycle police officers, the cops say–after they drew their weapons, Jamines allegedly charged at them with the knife, and the officers responded by killing him on the spot.

But residents say the official version of the shooting is full of holes.

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