Anti-death penalty activist meets with Troy

Troy Davis
Troy Davis and family members

all credits: AJC News
November 2010

A prominent anti-death penalty activist visited a Georgia death row inmate who claims he was wrongly convicted.

Sister Helen Prejean said Monday that Troy Anthony Davis was in “strong spirits” and that he gave a persuasive argument about his case during her visit with him at the Georgia State Prison in Jackson.

Davis has spent nearly 20 years on death row for the 1989 slaying of an off-duty police officer and has long claimed new evidence would clear his name if a court gave him a chance to present it.

The U.S. Supreme Court granted Davis that hearing in 2009, and a federal judge ruled in August that the evidence he presented wasn’t strong enough to prove his innocence. Davis is now appealing that decision to the Supreme Court.

Prejean said “it’s going to take a miracle for the Supreme Court to do the right thing. But I’m praying for it.”