‘Supervision’ is not enough; the IPCC must handle this investigation themselves

Police Riding Helmetoriginally by: Jody McIntyre
Independent Blogs
– 17th December 2010

When yesterday’s headlines announced that the police would be ‘probing’ my official complaint to the IPCC, after being dragged out of my wheelchair by an officer at Thursday’s student demonstration, some kind of medical examination was the first thought that popped into my mind. But upon closer examination, it becomes evident to me that the IPCC have no interest in getting to the truth of the matter, let alone handing out some kind of justice.

Of course, I will be fully co-operating with the investigation, and will be offering my help in any way possible, but if the IPCC were intent on ensuring this incident was independently and fairly investigated, then they would manage the thing themselves.

Instead, they have left the matter to the Metropolitan Police Service’s Directorate of Professional Standards, under their ’supervision’. Essentially, the police are being left to investigate their own actions. Sound a bit suspect?

IPCC Commissioner for London, Deborah Glass, said in yesterday’s statement – “There is no doubt that this footage is disturbing…” But why is this footage in particular disturbing? Surely it is no more disturbing than the footage the Metropolitan Police must be in possession of? Footage of what happened to Alfie Meadows? Footage of mounted police charging into crowds of students and school children?

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