Troy Davis’ sister dies of cancer

Martina Davis-Correia
Martina Davis-Correia

originally by: Your Black Woman
published: 2nd December 2011

Martina Davis-Correia, sister of the late Troy Davis, has died. Davis-Correia passed after a long battle with cancer and was the firestorm that took her brother’s case to international heights. Although few people initially paid attention to the faulty murder conviction of this young black male in Georgia, Davis’ sister dedicated her life to fighting for her brother’s freedom.

Davis was killed by lethal injection on September 21 of this year. The execution was covered by international media, and there are millions around the world who consider the execution of Davis to be one of the most symbolic indicators of injustice in American history.

Davis was executed after several witnesses recanted their stories, and even NAACP President Ben Jealous has repeatedly stated that the real killer is on the loose.

Even as she fought her cancer, Ms. Davis-Correia fought diligently for her brother’s freedom. She fought to very end, as did her brother Troy. Right before his execution, Davis maintained that he didn’t kill Police Officer Mark MacPhail, continuing to maintain his innocence.

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