Disabled man tasered by police

Shocket Aslam
Shocket Aslam

from: Network for Police Monitoring
published: 6th January 2012

A respected deaths in custody campaign group has today raised questions about the use of a police taser against a disabled man, who was unable to obey an order to get out of the car he was driving.

Shocket Aslam, who is dependent on a wheelchair, has said that police approached his car aggressively after he was stopped on the M6 motorway. It is understood that a number of police vehicles were deployed after Mr Aslam left a petrol station without paying for £20 of petrol.

He has alleged that immediately on reaching his vehicle, the police smashed a side window and hit him with what he describes as a cosh. He protested that he was disabled, and could not easily get out of the vehicle, but was then tasered from behind in his shoulder.

Mr Aslam maintains that he did not resist the police, behave aggressively, or do anything that would give them cause to fear for their safety.

He claims that officers saw his wheelchair in the back of the car, and commented on it, but continued to drag him from the car and along the ground. He was then thrown head first into a police car.

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