Police handcuff 12-year-old girl

Policeman & Truncheonoriginally by: The Voice 
published: 6 May 2012

Police could be sued by a mother who says officers handcuffed her 12-year-old daughter during a raid in her home.

“We are in the process of taking legal action,” said Tina Ayres.

Ayres said her daughter was left traumatised on Monday (April 30) after officers barged into her home in Tottenham, north London and handcuffed her daughter.

Ayres said she was on her way to work in Haringey, north London when she got a distressing call from her daughter, Pasha Ayres- Solomon.

The care assistant said: “I was on my way to work when I got an hysterical call at about 6.00 am from my daughter saying someone was trying to get in to the house. I thought she was mistaken, that what she was hearing was the neighbour’s noise but when she insisted I told her to call the police.”

Ayres said she then decided to call the police. “I was told by the lady I spoke to that the police were already at the house.”

She said she had rushed back to her Tottenham home to find that police “had broke down the door. They took down the burglar gate and smashed down my door.”

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