Outrage in US as man is shot in head while handcuffed in police car

Chavis Carter
Chavis Carter

originally by: The Telegraph
published: 8 August 2012

Hundreds of people have taken to the streets to protest an official explanation of suicide in the death of Chavis Carter, 21, in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Mr Carter was pulled over by police late last month and searched twice by officers who discovered a small $10 bag of marijuana.

He was also wanted for skipping probation on another drugs charge. He had his hands cuffed behind his back and put into a police car.

Michael Yates, the police chief, has conceded that a “very unusual” chain of events led up to the later discovery of Mr Carter was found slumped in the back of the police car with a bullet wound in his head.

He later died in hospital.

“Suspect shot himself in the head with a gun he had concealed on his person,” the police report said.
Mr Carter’s family and friends cried foul, questioning how could he shoot himself in the head with his hands behind his back.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) released a statement calling for an “unbiased investigation” and added: “The public relies upon police to serve and protect all citizens, no matter their race or ethnicity.”Mr Yates admitted that the case was “definitely bizarre and defies logic at first glance.”

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