Too many questions in handcuff suicide, say attorney

by: The Final Call
published: 4 September 2012

The family of a man shot while handcuffed behind his back continues to refute police claims that he committed suicide.

As the Jonesboro Police Department in Arkansas released more information, more questions arose about who shot 21-year-old Chavis Carter, said his family and friends. Unfortunately, all of the facts may remain a mystery until a civil or criminal trial, family attorney Benjamin Irwin said.

Police released a dash cam video, of what they called a reenactment of how the alleged suicide could have occurred, and said they interviewed Mr. Carter’s girlfriend. According to police, the girlfriend said the deceased called her saying he had a gun and was afraid.

However, according to Atty. Irwin, the young woman told an entirely different story. Mr. Carter called her twice, the first time from the back of the truck stopped by police and again when he was in back of the squad car.

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