South Norwood man held down by police dies four days later

Olaseni Lewisoriginally by: This is Croydon
 published: 18 February 2013

Olaseni Lewis was much-loved by friends and family, had high ambitions to study abroad and a bright future ahead of him. But his life was cut brutally short after dying in intensive care following a fatal police restraint. Nearly two and a half years and two postponed inquests later, David Churchill speaks to a family still battling for answers and justice.

Next month, instead of celebrating their son’s 26th birthday, Olaseni Lewis’s parents were destined for an inquest court room to hear the events surrounding his unexplained death.

Having battled since 2010 for information, they hoped it would answer some of the questions that have plagued them for nearly two and a half years.

But “further material” obtained by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) within the past few weeks has postponed Olaseni’s inquest for a second time – something the family’s lawyer suggests could be a delaying tactic for the authorities to “cover” themselves.

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One thought on “South Norwood man held down by police dies four days later

  1. We cannot keep a police force above the law forever. No one is above the law, and everyone should always be accountable for his actions. The British people have the right to justice. We should get a government who will scrap our police force altogether, investigate every police officer who ever broke the law and all of those who co-operated with them.

    Is there a political party capable of offering just that?


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