15th Annual UFFC Demo October 2013

UFFC 2013 Rally - Ken Feroall credits:  Larry Fedja
published: 28 October 2012

The 2013 annual demonstration took place on 26th October in London and was attended by over 250 people. Those in attendance included relatives of Mark Duggan, Thomas Orchard, Sean Rigg, Roger Sylvester, Anthony Grainger, Joy Gardner, Olaseni Lewis and many more.

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(contributions from Ken Fero, Harmit Athwal and Peter Marshall)

The United Families and Friends Campaign delivered their annual letter to Downing Street. This annual letter, delivered to successive heads of government since UFFC’s inception in the late 1990’s, demands justice for those who have died in state custody in suspicious and controversial circumstances.

The letter outlined that on no occasion has the government engaged in a process of meaningful dialogue following the delivery of these letters.  View or download the whole letter here.

Some recent updates on cases highlighted by 4WardEver UK have included are those of Jonathan Malia, Thomas Orchard, Michael Sweeney, Olaseni Lewis and  Azelle Rodney.

Tippa Naphtali, the founder of 4WardEver UK and a cousin of Mikey Powell who was killed in the custody of West Midlands police in September 2003, told the BBC in February 2013;

“Our joint efforts have yielded some results. However, these have not addressed the lack of justice in outstanding cases.

“We believe that equitable dispensation justice in the UK must be done and be seen to be done if the general public are to enjoy high levels of trust and confidence in the fair administration of justice.

“The poor quality and speed of independent investigations conducted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission and an Inquest process that is seriously under resourced, subject to delay and limited in remit and is not fit for purpose. Both critically fail to protect or support the rights of victims or their families”.

UFFC said to the government; “A number of documentaries and radio chat shows have also highlighted disturbing growing public concern in mental health and policing.

“High profile Inquests continue to give rise to disturbing accounts given by state officials, which are implausible and/or improbable.  Imminent Inquests will no doubt hear further implausible accounts.

“However, the deaths still continue with no accountability and the result is that deaths in custody are at an all time high.  Countless years of unnecessary lengthy investigations continue to stifle justice to the families.  The Hillsborough disgrace echoes year after year, case after case.  Injustices as in the cases of Joy Gardner, Christopher Alder, Brian Douglas and Mikey Powell, to name but a few, are inhumane.  Yet the British government refuses and/or is unwilling to give justice where it is blatantly due.”

The fight continues….

Other News / Photos:

United Friends and Families Campaign at Whitehall
28 October 2013

United Friends and Family annual march for those who died in police custody
26 October 2013

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