Prisoner on suicide watch took overdose of medicine

HM Prison Brockhill originally by: Oxford Mail 
published: 12th November 2013

A prisoner on suicide watch took a fatal overdose just days after burning the initials DNR for ‘do not resuscitate’ into his chest, an inquest has heard.

David Ward, 45, was serving 18 years at Bullingdon Prison, near Bicester, for eight counts of rape and two of sexual assault on a teenage girl.

He had a history of mental health problems and, in August last year, used an incense stick to burn the initials in two-inch high letters into his chest. Although he was put on suicide watch, he was able to overdose on anti-depressants and pain medication.

The death has put more pressure on Oxford Health, which was responsible at the time for all healthcare at the jail.

Oxford Health has been criticised recently after life prisoner Ian McLean walked out of Littlemore Mental Health Centre and travelled to Poland, where he took his own life, and for its handling of Kauthar Silvera, who murdered her mother days after being discharged from the same place.

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