Thirty two women die following restraint

Woman in jail cellsources: Mental Health Today
published: 3 July 2018

Thirty two women died after experiencing restraint over a five year period, according to new figures obtained by Agenda, an alliance for women and girls at risk.

The data, on patients detained under the Mental Health Act, suggests women were more likely to have restraint-related deaths than men between 2012/13 and 2016/17.

Younger women made up a large number of the restraint-related deaths – 13 were aged 30 and under, compared to four men in that age range.

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More than a fifth of women who died were from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, according to the figures, which were originally gathered by the Care Quality Commission.

It comes as the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill, aimed at reducing restraint, has its Third Reading in the House of Commons on Friday (July 6).

It was delayed last month after being “talked out” when Conservative MP Philip Davies spoke for two and a half hours during the debate. It officially ran out of time during a speech by Sir Christopher Chope, who then went on to block the ‘upskirting’ bill on the same day.

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