Atlanta marks 40th anniversary of Mumia Abu Jamal’s incarceration

Mumia Abu Jamal
Mumia Abu Jamal

all credits: Workers World
published: 13 July 2022

To mark the 40th anniversary of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal being sentenced to death, the film “Long Distance Revolutionary” was screened in Atlanta July 3. After decades of political and legal struggle, Mumia’s death sentence was overturned, although he remains incarcerated in Pennsylvania’s hellholes called prisons.

Recently released Black liberation leader, Jalil Montaqim was a special guest and encouraged all efforts to free Mumia. The event, in solidarity with the call by LoveNotPhear, was sponsored by the Imam Jamil Action Network (IJAN), Workers World Party, Community Movement Builders, Black Alliance for Peace- Atlanta Chapter and the Atlanta Coalition in Defense of Black Lives.

The evening ended with a rousing litany of “Free Them All!” chants.

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March for Mumia in Philadelphia (2021)

Human rights and community activists worldwide marched Dec. 11 to mark the 40-year imprisonment of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Philadelphia journalist, radio personality and former Black Panther, and demand his release. Supporters maintain that Abu-Jamal “was arrested, convicted and unjustly imprisoned as the result of judicial, police and prosecutorial misconduct for allegedly killing a Philadelphia policeman in Dec. 1981.”

He was released from Pennsylvania’s Death Row in 2011. However, supporters worldwide assert that Abu-Jamal was framed, is innocent and continue to fight for his release.

Activists rallied and marched in Philadelphia, Houston, Mexico, France, Germany, Austria and other cities.

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