7-Year-Old Jakelin Caal Maquin’s cause of death is finally revealed

Jakelin Caal Maquin
Jakelin Caal Maquin

source: Opposing Views
published: 9 January 2022

When a young, seven-year-old girl arrived at the border of Mexico and the United States, she was with her family and in great health. Her family arrived in New Mexico at the border and was immediately taken into custody by the United States Customs and Border Protection.

But while she was in the hands of the United States government, the seven-year-old girl succumbed to “a rapidly progressive infection,” that ultimately took her life.

The infection shut down her vital organs, and because the border agents were not fast on the uptake, the young woman did not get care fast enough to beat the infection. She died while in the hands of the CBP.

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Home Office ‘covering up’ its own study of why refugees come to the UK

Refugees on a boat

source: The Guardian
published: 20 November 2021

The Home Office is covering up its own research into why refugees and asylum seekers travel to the UK because ministers “know their arguments don’t stand up,” charities claim.

Officials are refusing to release its evidence on whether so-called “pull factors” play a part in asylum seekers making journeys to the UK.

On Thursday deputy prime minister Dominic Raab talked about “reducing the pull factor” in an attempt to justify the government’s controversial plans for asylum processing centres in Albania.

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Biden plans to roll back Trump’s refugee, asylum crackdowns

Woman refugee asylumsource: Bloomberg
published: 2 February 2021

President Biden will sign a trio of executive orders on Tuesday to reverse Donald Trump’s crackdown on asylum seekers and refugees, continuing his push to loosen his predecessor’s strict immigration policies.

Biden will direct the Department of Homeland Security to conduct a broad review of asylum programs that were targeted by the Trump administration, asking his administration to rescind proclamations, rules, and guidance documents intended to curb the entry of migrants seeking humanitarian protection in the U.S.

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