UK spends millions training security forces to control Palestinians in West Bank and Lebanon

Water Cannonsource: Daily Maverick
published: 20 May 2021

British aid projects supporting Palestinian security forces appear to be as much about helping to stop threats to Israel, the occupying power, as they are about enhancing Palestinian state-building.

The UK is running a multimillion-pound aid project in the Israeli-occupied West Bank to develop “more capable” Palestinian security forces who can prevent the “potential overspill of violence into Israel.”

The project, which is managed jointly by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Foreign Office and lasts until 2022, aims to “deal with threats to Israel originating in the West Bank”. It also intends to build the capacity of Palestinian security forces to promote “security cooperation with Israel”.

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‘It took 400 years to get to this point and will take a long time to make things right’

Blind justice lawsource: Cleveland19 News
published: 6 February 2020

“When those folks are on the sidelines when black and brown bodies are being killed in our midst, it leaves a community feeling devalued, like they don’t matter,” said licensed social worker, Habeebah Rasheed Grimes.

It’s February, Black history month and 19 News has brought you a series of special reports, on-air and online, examining complementary life and the connection to slavery.

We now focus on unresolved trauma in the black community and the relation to the vestiges of slavery. “The experience of trauma and adversity is not new to the human being, the human race. The world is a fairly hostile environment if you think about the conditions in which we survived,” Rasheed Grimes.

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Soldier Hidden In Forest

Darkness at the heart of the British state

Hidden Soldiersources: Socialist Worker
published: 3 July 2018

Revelations that the British state is complicit in torture destroy the lie that Britain is more “civilised” or progressive than other countries.

Two reports last week said that British intelligence agencies MI6 and MI5 have been involved in hundreds of torture cases. They also had a hand in dozens of rendition cases, where suspects are removed to other countries to be tortured.

The mainstream media quickly moved on from the scandal.

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