The faces of death row in Texas

Legal Time for justicesources: Texas Tribune
published: 18 July 2022

Here is a look at the 194 inmates currently on Texas’ death row. Texas, which reinstated the death penalty in 1976, has the most active execution chamber in the nation. On average, these inmates have spent 17 YEARS, 6 MONTHS on death row. Though 12 percent of the state’s residents are black, 45 PERCENT of death row inmates are.

How many doses of lethal injection drugs does Texas have?
12 doses in stock / 4 SCHEDULED EXECUTIONS. (read more)

With execution drugs in short supply across the nation and increasing secrecy about the companies that provide them, The Texas Tribune is keeping track of movement in the state’s supply.

Since 1977, lethal injection has been the method for executing Texas criminals sentenced to death. But the drugs used in executions have changed over the years, as the state has struggled to get a hold of enough life-ending doses.

Texas, along with other states that hold executions, has been engaged in a battle for years to keep an adequate inventory of execution drugs. Currently, the state uses only pentobarbital, a sedative it has purchased from compounding pharmacies kept secret from the public.

To promote transparency, The Texas Tribune has obtained the inventory history and current supply of execution drugs held by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The information, collected through continuous open records requests, is updated regularly with the available doses and recent changes to the state’s inventory.

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