Unanswered questions over death in Germany

Jeremiah Duggan
Jeremiah Duggan

originally published by: The Press Association
22nd January 2010

The Attorney General has said that there was an “unanswered question” over the death of a student from north London who allegedly became involved with a “dangerous” right-wing political cult in Germany.

Baroness Scotland said it was unclear from the inquest into the death of 22-year-old Jeremiah Duggan whether his fatal injuries were caused by running into the path of two vehicles on the German autobahn near Wiesbaden in March 2003.

His mother, Erica, who has always called for a full investigation into this death, will apply to the High Court for a fresh inquest in a bid to obtain “a just and proper public investigation into her son’s tragic and suspicious death”, her lawyers, Leigh Day, said. She was very pleased to have the Attorney General’s support, her lawyer said.

In her statement, Baroness Scotland said: “I am of the view on reconsidering your application that there is an unanswered question from the inquest into Jeremiah’s death as to whether the fatal injuries he suffered are in fact attributable to a car accident.”

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