St Peter’s Borstal – Bill Maloney investigates

submitted: 22 Mar 2010

Award winning film director Bill Maloney investigates the derelict building of St Peter’s Approved School, in Gainford, Co Durham. The police claim it is a ‘dark stain on the village’ so why has it laid derelict for years? Maloney and his courageous camera woman Lilly Starr gain entry to the abandoned Victorian building and are horrified to find stories of abuse written on the walls of the burnt-out gymnasium.

Young boys were regularly beaten and thrown naked into a concrete cellar for trivial misdemeanors. This video is a preview to the shocking feature length documentary available from Pie ‘n’ Mash films.

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  1. You mentioned a lot alongside your twin brother, I’d love to know more about what happened in there, and if the writing on the walls has any facts, on walls in the gym quite grim, are the names correct?

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