St Peter’s Borstal – Bill Maloney investigates

submitted: 22 Mar 2010

Award winning film director Bill Maloney investigates the derelict building of St Peter’s Approved School, in Gainford, Co Durham. The police claim it is a ‘dark stain on the village’ so why has it laid derelict for years? Maloney and his courageous camera woman Lilly Starr gain entry to the abandoned Victorian building and are horrified to find stories of abuse written on the walls of the burnt-out gymnasium.

Young boys were regularly beaten and thrown naked into a concrete cellar for trivial misdemeanors. This video is a preview to the shocking feature length documentary available from Pie ‘n’ Mash films.

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10 thoughts on “St Peter’s Borstal – Bill Maloney investigates

  1. I was at this approved school 1959-1964. Age 10/15 years. St Bedes House my brother was in St Josephs.
    I wrote a book published in 1973: “They Put Me Inside” Tony Grestone.

    A whole chapter describes my time there and the regime that existed. The school has the name “St Pauls” for editorial reasons.
    It is out of print now. Google it. There are still copies out there.

    I remember the Mills Twins: I believe they had another brother there too. I recall that the twins were boxers though that may have been rumour.

    1. Hi Tony, I’m looking for a copy of your book, the only one I can find is on Amazon but it’s priced at £45. Is it correct and the right one?

  2. Came across this place on a random drive out about 6 years ago on me own and was instantly intrigued. Happened that on these random drives out trying to get kids to sleep in car lol I always ended up there. One day on my own I drove there parked up and walked just round the corner, I looked up at a window and I physically from nowhere felt sick, I had bad feelings, to get to the point I’m pure non believer of ghosts, seeing the future anything like that, and that place is bad, I still find it utterly intriguing though, think more people should speak up. overandout :-)

  3. I attended St Peters late 1958-1961 with my twin brother and can remember the worst things ever happening there. It’s a disgrace things like that were allowed to happen then as it is now.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      I’m a daily express journalist looking into the notion of institutional child abuse that allegedly went on at St. Peter’s over the 50s and 60s. I’m trying to talk to as many former pupils as possible about their experiences. Judging by your comment it would appear you witnessed some terrible things, here’s my email if you want to get in touch:

      Many thanks

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